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"It's like my ego is as huge as how my stomach can take in so much food at one go" - Baby J, 2014
Artist: Suzuki Hiroki as Fushimi Saruhiko

Song: ミ・サ・キィィィ
Plays: 898
me and drackneel compiled cosplay events in Singapore 2014 from links we found online which are incomplete e_e. I didn’t add in irrelevant ones like those game fests??? Since it’s not cosplay so yea.  Can’t wait for AFASINGAPORE2014 !!!!!!
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Sakura Haruno Anbu - Cherry Blossom

did you fall from heaven bc so did satan

Sakura Haruno, to Sasuke Uchiha (x)

*accidentally purposely turns conversation sexual*

Some pictures are worth more than 1,000 words.

I was looking through a book at Goodwill and found an old movie ticket to Dead Poet’s society inside.

Robin Williams street art tribute in LA


okay yeah i cried. that star analogy was perfect and so accurate. i have a thing for star analogies


The fact that they got Billy Crystal to do Robin Williams tribute hurt my soul. They were friends for decades and I know it must have killed him to talk about his friend when he’s in pain. But Billy Crystal is such a class act that he gave us (the public) comfort with the best words possible.

Gotta love him


I started crying as soon as I saw Robin’s picture in black.


the absolute dead silence after the remembrance of Robin Williams at the Emmys just chilled me to the bone